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Reiki Healing

Healing Clinic
Office based

Treat your employee's to a relaxing healing session to de- stress, motivate and energise them. We offer 30 min to 1 hour appointments per person.

Employer Plan

Book us to visit for half a day or a full day paid for by the employer.

Half day - 4 to 8 appointments 

Full day - 8 to 16 appointments

per therapist, max 3 therapists


Employee Plan

Book us to visit, paid for by each employee for their 30 min or 1 hour appointment.  Min 5 appointments required per visit.

You can choose Reiki, Copper Pyramid or Frequency healing or a combination of one or more, either lay down on a therapy bed or sat in a chair.  Blankets provided.  No change of clothing required.

Timeline Journalling Fun Team Building Events

Timeline Journalling
Team Building Event

Journalling can be a powerful tool for employee self expression, reflection, exploration and realisation of future plans.

This is a fun and relaxed team event, where participants are encouraged to develop a visual timeline of their life  marking key milestones to date and future plans, using magazine clippings, glue, stickers, paper and pens.

It can support:

- Better Team relationships

- Team morale

- Employee engagement 

- Good mental health

- Team productivity

Half day office based team event

(or offsite)

paid for by the employer.

Max 30 employee's per event.

Choku Rei, Reiki Power Symbol

Reiki Training
Level 1


"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life"


This is the starting point of a Reiki journey. This level helps participants  to reconnect with the unlimited source of Reiki. This will give each participant the ability to use Reiki on themselves, family members, friends, plants and animals. The course teaches participants about the Western energy system of chakras and about the human energy field.

It is a relaxing, practical and informative day.


Participants will receive a

Level 1, Reiki certificate upon completion

1 day office based course

 6 - 12 employee's per course 

Paid for by the employer or employee's.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple Japanese healing technique that can induce a deeply relaxed, often meditative state. Many clients report an improvement in their overall wellbeing through receiving regular Reiki treatments.  Reiki energy is believed to awaken the body’s natural healing processes, bringing about balance and wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning spiritual energy.  Everything has energy or Ki in it and this energy is unlimited in its volume. Whilst it may seem invisible or elusive, it is in fact all encompassing and is the fuel that drives everything. 

What are the benefits of Reiki in the workplace?

Reiki helps to relax employee's, it can help:

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Improve energy and motivation

- support pain management 

- improve emotional well being 

- Support good mental health


This in turn can support:

- Better employee engagement 

- Increased productivity

- Better employee team relationships

- Lower employee turnover

- Reduce employee sickness absence

What are the benefits of Copper Pyramids?

What is iTeraCare Frequency Healing?

iTeraCare is a Terahertz Frequency device that blows warm air onto the body. It feels very relaxing. It heats the cells through vibration, penetrating deep into the tissues and vital organs, down to the bones.  It can raise your body temperature, stimulating your own natural healing response.

What is Terahertz?

Terahertz wave frequency is found between far infrared and microwave, with a wavelength of between 0.3 and 3 µm. Scientific research shows that it is COMPLETELY safe for human body cell absorption. Within the Thz range there is a sweet spot that corresponds to the frequency of normal human cells. Thz frequencies penetrate non conducting materials, and so penetrate clothes and can charge drinking water through glass. 


Benefits of Terahertz Frequency Healing:

Terahertz frequencies - stimulate normal cell functions and eliminate free radicals.

Quantum technology - energises cells via scalar wave energy

Optical Quartz Technology- amplifies the energy generated and balances the auric field, creating a more powerful healing result.


Terahertz frequencies penetrate 20-30cm into the body's tissues, reaching bone marrow and supporting circulation and the immune system.

Terahertz waves resonate with our body's cells at a hundred million vibrations per second, encouraging cells to function normally and stimulates the body's own healing response to support cells damaged by free radicals.

The copper pyramid frame used for healing is large enough to sit within, on a chair.  It is an exact replica of the Nubian pyramid with very precise 72° slope angles, based on the Golden Ratio – a sacred  geometry, active in nature and which is believed to have inspired the original pyramids.     

Pyramids are widely accepted to be amplifiers of energy.  They energise and enhance any activity, including meditation, centering, grounding, chakra balancing and energy work ie healing and assist you to achieve a deep meditative state and accelerate healing on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.  

What we require from you:

All terms and conditions and requirements will be clearly discussed / specified prior to booking confirmations.  However as a guide:


Healing Clinic:  

Private meeting room (at least 2m x 2m) with power supply and chair based on one therapist . A larger or multiple rooms will be required for 2 or 3 therapists.

Team Building and Reiki Training events:

Private meeting or conference room, tables and chairs, flip chart and pens.  All other materials, manuals and certificates will be provided. 

Free car parking, access to drinking water and toilets will also be required for all events.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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